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Bob Fox Blues by The Blues Cousins


    With deep regret we announce the passing of our  bandmate Rodney Lee Bower.  His passing marks the end of The Salamanders.  We will keep the webpage up for a while for our fans.  Thank you for your support

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Photo by Barry Bower
Mc and Rod entertain the crowd with their rendition of
"Salamander Brew" during The Salamanders' performance at
The Wellwood Club in Charlestown, Maryland.

Photo by Judy Kessler
The Salamanders announce their
2016 Sala-Centennial Tour: 50 Years of Amphibious Rock!
at the Hollywood Casino, Perryville, Maryland.

Photo by Judy Kessler
The Salamanders entertain fans and supporters at the
51st Annual Cecil County, Maryland Fair in July 2015.

The Salamanders perform their original tune, "Darling, I Love You,"
during their Concert In The Park show at the Bloomsburg Town Park,
in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.


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Photo by Dara McBride 
The Salamanders pose in front of "SalaVander" for their official "BreakOut Tour" promotional photo. From left: Rod Bower, keyboards/vocals; Barry Bower, guitar/vocals; Mc Kessler, percussion/vocals.

Watch Fat Elvis singing "Blue Christmas"
and hear him dispense

The Wisdom of Fat Elvis!
Click here to check it out!
                                                                                                         Photo from private collection
"Fat Elvis" makes his grand entrance as The Salamanders perform at a private event in Chesapeake City, Maryland 
Click here to listen: The Wisdom of Fat Elvis!
The lads at play.
Photo by the Always Lovely Galamander Judy
How did you spend YOUR summer vacation?
The Salamanders took the opportunity to work on explosive material for their 2016 Sala-Centennial Tour: 50 Years of Amphibious Rock!
From left: Mc, Rod, Barry

                           Our Story...

     Named after critters from a Central Pennsylvania nature preserve, The Salamanders are a recently reunited garage-band rock trio that formed in the mid-1960s and played county fairs, festivals, splash-hops, and high school gymnasiums, and continues to perform today at venues in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

     Raised in a small country village, The Salamanders' repertoire includes Beatles, Stones, CCR, other covers, country, and original music - as well as plenty of gaffs, miscues, pratfalls and fun!

     The regenerated rockers have always had originality and senses of humor greater than their talent and now, spread across three states, the lads prepare for performances through needlessly complex, virtual, internet-based rehearsals, and scrounging of equipment from online auctions and second-hand shops!

     Over the years, the band has struggled to stay together. Family pressures, solo careers, intrusive paparazzi, rampaging audiences, artistic differences, and talent have all been hurdles to overcome!

     The Salamanders' shows are peppered with crowd-pleasers, including Top Ten Telltale Signs of Aging Musicians and visits by notable personalities, including Fat Elvis and the Blues Cousins.

     A great time is had by all!

The stars shine for The Salamanders:

"I'm too old to play for The Salamanders."
     --Bobby Colomby (producer/manager & former drummer for Blood Sweat &
       Tears, designer of "The Salamanders on Abbey Road")
,  2013

"You're not kidding, are you?"
     --Clive Davis (producer), 2013

"...So you're the ones making all that Godawful racket out in
  Pennsylvania. Keep it up!"
     --Bono (front man for U2), 2012

"Why don't you guys come to perform with me in New York?"
     --Chris Boti (acclaimed jazz trumpet player), 2012

"Dedication to The Salamanders."
     --The Association (before performing "Enter The Young" in concert, Delaware
, 2012

"...At your age?"
     --Harry Belefonte (singer), 2011

"...Pleased to meet a fellow rock star."
     --Bono (front man for U2), 2011


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